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For any business lock and key, security and access control needs.

If you’re locked out of any commercial, office or industrial building in the Denver area, give Colorado Lockmaster a call to speak with one of our experienced and licensed locksmiths!

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Why Call Colorado Lockmaster?

  • Fast- We tend to get locked out at the worst times. In all of the situations, time is of the essence. Our locksmiths make time a priority and we promise that we will get to you as fast as we can.
  • Affordable- Once we arrive at your location, the locksmith will explain the service cost of the affordable job.
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service – No one plans to get locked out, and getting locked out can happen at any time. That’s why we pride ourselves on being readily available 24 hours a day.

If you have more questions about what we can do for you and your business, check out some of our other blogs on the perks of calling a lock-related for all of your commercial locksmith Denver CO needs.

Commercial LocksmithJohn Goldenberg, Operations Manager

Commercial Locksmith

10 Reasons to Call Your Commercial Locksmith in Denver, CO

  1. New Business, New Locks

If you’ve just moved into a new location for your business, your best bet is to get the locks changed. You never know who may have keys to the old place, and you’re better safe than sorry. If this is you, be sure you contact Colorado Lockmaster and we’ll get you all set up with some new locks on your doors.

  1. Forget to Take A Key Back from an Old Employee

If you lost an employee and you forgot to collect their keys or they left without notice, you’re better off replacing the locks. More than likely they just forgot to return the key, but you shouldn’t risk jeopardizing your business and the your consumers’ private information.

  1. New Security System

If you find that maybe it’s time for your business to upgrade on security systems, we have some information that you might find useful. Our commercial locksmiths don’t only unlock doors, but they know all about the best safety practices when it comes to keeping your business as secure as possible.

  1. Locked Out

Here comes the obvious one you were looking for: If you find yourself locked out of your office, give us a call and we will be sure to unlock it for you. Save yourself the hassle and the stress of getting the cops called on you for looking like you’re breaking into your own business – call a locksmith. Night or day, we will be there for you as fast as we can. Don’t hesitate to call.


  1. New Keys for New Hires

If you hire new employees that require keys to get into the office, give us a call. We promise we won’t take long to make your keys and we promise that they will be top-notch quality.

  1. Fix A Lock

Commercial Locksmith Denver CODuring the winter, locks start to act funny, and no one has time for that. If you find that it’s more than just a temporary issue, call us and we can take a look. In fact, if you’re ever having problems with your lock- give us a call. We specialize in fixing locks and don’t worry, it won’t take long.

Call us at 720-606-4428 for a no-obligation quote.