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The most common lockouts occur when an individual locks his or her keys inside their car. While this can be the most frustrating experience, let the locksmiths at Colorado Lockmaster help to get you back on the road.

Our experienced and licensed locksmiths are available 24/7 and will offer upfront pricing with no late night fees.

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Rekey: You may have lost your car keys entirely. If this is the case you will need to have your car rekeyed. The process of rekeying a car can happen in many different ways. Some locksmiths have machines enabling them create a new key for your car in no time.

Key Extraction: If you locked your keys in your car there is a high probability you will need to have a key extraction. This is when a locksmith unlocks your vehicle with the proper tools, allowing you to retrieve the keys from inside. Here are a few tools that are used in a key extraction and how they are used.

  • The Slim Jim
    • This is the most common tool used for auto lockouts. This thin strip of metal is inserted into the weather stripping of the locked door. The object is for the slim jim to catch the lock on the inside of the door allowing it to be unlocked.
  • Wedges
    • A wedge tool is used to separate spacing between the window and the car door itself. Creating this spacing allows the locksmith to insert a thin wire. After inserted, the wire will be used to reach the vehicle unlocking mechanism.
  • Lock Picks
    • This tool is most commonly used when unlocking residents. You will rarely see this tool used in an auto lockout. Lock picks are as simple as they sound. This consists of literally picking and unscrambling the lock.

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